The good fight

2 min readDec 23, 2022


Crossing the exit of the complex, I saw a young man, arguing vehemently with the security guard on allowing walking members to cross the car gate. As I told him that its futile to argue, your time is more valuable, he said “ I am fighting for everyone. Its stupid to not allow people walking to office to take a shorter cut “.

Its not the first time, I have seen Rushabh Mehta , take on the good fight. Many years ago he had come to us, when we were actively running a sports company in parallel with iRobokid Mumbai with one of his employees with the discussion that he is more interested in sports & so he brought him along with “ I told him lets go meet someone in sports & maybe that is your calling “.

Not sure what happened to that employee, but it was a rather unique way of approaching team members aspiration in a world of churning and moonlighting.

Whether its asking employees to give their own appraisals and increments or set up a whole new school or believe in a Open Source and Free Software world. The way he is running and setting up his organisation Frappe is nothing short of exemplary and will certainly set a new benchmark in the times to come for all entrepreneurs to emulate

At the onset, have to admit, this does not come easy to me, being lenient with the team, or graceful with the vendors or more than fair on the negotiating table has not won me any followers, friends or equity for that matter.

It’s a weird time in our lives, when we see “ too trusting “ as a flaw and a weakness in the armour an entrepreneur.

I think it was the founder of Patongia who said “ How you climb the mountain is more important than reaching the summit “ and that will be our takeaway on what gives in fighting the good fight.

An entrepreneur’s life is full of so many battles, sometimes we forget to fight to good fight and lose the larger picture. Am glad I bumped into Rushabh this day, I am glad there are people like him who fight every day, I am glad that this gives us inspiration to get better. Its never too late.

You think a little more money can buy your soul some rest

You’d better think of something else instead

You’re so afraid of being honest with yourself

You’d better take a look inside your head

Nothing is easy, nothing good is free

But I can tell you where to start

Take a look inside your heart

There’s an answer in your heart

Fight the good fight every moment