Its not that deep !

2 min readDec 22, 2023

If having kids is such a pleasure, having millennial kids is a major upside.
Conversations with the millennia’s and Gen Z often not only reveal fantastic consumer insights, but often a lot of philosophical windows if one can call it .
Its not that deep !

When I heard this casually, I was stunned to hear of how something so “ deep “ is mentioned so casually. The common opinion has always been, that the boon and bane of these generations are that they don’t take anything too seriously, even themselves. Their emotional quotient at the risk of becoming detached is fantastically suited for professional life. While we tend to get emotionally drawn and thus the risk of having a biased lens over a lot of things, be it professional or personal lives, relationships or work eventualities or fatalities. This generation literally does not take anything too deep.

Also let’s not make the mistake of taking this philosophy as softness or lack of dedication. The jury is still out on that, the 20 under 20 and 30 under 30 are testaments to that.

We cant measure the zeal and tenacity of these youngsters, but the “ all in “ approach is found in leaps and bounds across them. Be it competitive exams, or entrepreneurship or even social causes, there is a lot of way, whenever there is the will.

While this philosophy of “ its not that deep “ advocates taking a clinical approach to things in life and is that not what the Buddha also suggested in the Dhammapada.
Paraphrased below
“As a solid mass of rock is not stirred by the wind,
So a sage is not moved by praise and blame.
As a deep lake is clear and undisturbed,
So a sage becomes clear upon hearing the Dharma.
Virtuous people always let go. They don’t prattle about pleasures and desires.
Touched by happiness and then by suffering, the sage shows no sign of being elated or depressed.” -The Buddha (Dhammapada)

So as we try and complicate everything and look for variable answers each time, while mostly the simplest solution is right there in front of us. Or as we fret on critical questions and question daily existences. Or as we churn along our journeys of life, as we navigate personal 70 hour weeks, don’t ask about the professional hours ( 😁 ), as we go from the human extremes of greed and fear through each day and the career highs and lows of a fast paced and every demanding environment, let’s remember that at most times….

It’s not that deep !!