1 min readNov 24, 2023

What is life, but a box full of memories

A box of glass, made of dreams and lifelong stories

Each box different, each story unique

Filled with journeys, certainly not for the meek

One’s box will be full of travel and exotic places

Another will be of coffee in cosy spaces

Another’s will be of parties and young ragers

While one will be of watching together your favourite players

A couple in their box walked many a sad moment

Another had only special occasions that smelt fragrant

My box can’t be better then yours, yours to mine

Memories are personal, every body has their moment to shine

No glass is more valuable, or something money can buy

Its looking at the wrong place, you will soon realise with a sigh

Your memory will be yours, it is the best card we got dealt

Don’t fold, play, because like flowers, this life will soon wilt

Then you will only have your box full of memories,

A box made of glass, dreams and lifelong stories