4 min readMay 16, 2023


At the onset, full title credit goes to the early 2000’s rock band with the similar name, it was brilliant, am sure the music is as well, indie music artists do not get enough credit or acclaim, they deserve much more.

Further any similarity or any resemblance to real life feelings and / or what or other real-life people experience is purely non coincidental, not meant to be sexist or trivialised, in any form whatsoever. This is a true day by day account, with no malice or attempt to belittle anyone whatsoever.

With credit and disclaimers past, I must admit, I think I am experiencing MenwhoPause.

A typical Monday begins with extreme enthusiasm and a feeling of gung ho, which gives a high that no other fit can, can be attributed to your favourite team winning well over the weekend ( Arsenal + RCB fans, my empathies with you) or can be even to the Sunday podcasts sessions or maybe even a mail from James Clear on Thursday.

The 8 am hit quickly dissipates by 10 am, when there are a few absentees, some client appointments get cancelled or you get some information that some customers were talking to your competitors. Bad coffee done, The day progressed from bad to worse, its appraisal month and no one is ever happy, not even yourself, a key employee wants to do now an MBA, after giving him practical MBA lessons for the past 9 months, on what they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School… Could not wait for evening to go back home.

Tuesday, is little better, some cold calls paid off, some bills got paid and so some bills got paid, if you get my drift.

The team pulled thru, we got a good appointment and a potential new vertical, from a source we did not think of, a product we did not build on and a revenue stream we did not account for.

Wednesday was a super high, an unexpected late evening positive email and you are back, swinging, all hands on deck, you are going to change the world!!

Bharat needs you, this team is rocking, lets e are planning a strategy session for the next 18 months. Where do we see ourselves and how we can address this potential huge market. Capacities need to be built, teams need to be invigorated and increased. LFG. On top of the world !!

What do you mean your credit card does not work for auto pay, a key subscription got cancelled, there is a reason its called autopay, guess not.

As you can guess Thursday went downhill faster then a Gulmarg ski slope, albeit with no patches of snow (both). A major customer said, someone is offering at half the rate ?? Half the rate !

How ? Goddamn, would it be also possible that he appeared on Shark Tank and got some funding and so could offer at that prices ? Are you sure , half the rate ? I already cannot cover my costs ? Half the rate !!

Bandh kar dete hain, whats the point Friday is here. A mail here, a meeting there, a call here, a message there, hustling to salvage whatever is left of a tumultuous week, left of what, I still cant get over, how can anyone offer at half the price ! From we will save the world & the world is our oyster potential to staring down a precipice in all of 48 hours, we have come a long way in a remarkable short period

Saturday was better, anyways nothing can beat what happened earlier. Appraisals are done, salaries are gone, people appear happy. No one wanted to discuss anything. Time to think long term, time for Naval or Tony Robbins again.

Sunday is a blur, divided between lunches we want to eat, socials we don’t want to go and sleep we desperately need. Maybe we should exercise, let’s get the blood test done next week, Lets do some walking from Monday. Monday will soon be here, lets prepare for this. Breathe easy


Common symptoms include hot flashes and cold sweat one from an argument between the product and marketing team, and the other, you guessed it “ Half the Rate “ ,

Waist may increase, despite you thinking that you did walk twice on a call, and that should cancel off the Laxman Wada Pav Thursday, There may also be sleep disturbances and irritability, can be attributed to reading emails from angel investors (that did not come) to a team member wanting to discuss, to a client who well … ^&%& it.

There can be severe mood swings from I am top of the world Wednesday to Bandh kar dete hain Friday.

I think I should pause here, Men need to pause as well.