Missing the woods for the trees

2 min readOct 26, 2021

As we get into reopening schools. There has been this one thing which is weighing very heavily on us since the past few years, There seems to be a widespread misnomer, that tabs or apps will “ democratize “ education. Am pretty sure what they mean is to increase reach and ensure each child gets access to modern education at their fingertips.

However to even remotely imply or suggest that they will replace teachers or schools is the final nail in the coffin of an already unappreciated and over burdened sector. How underappreciated ,consider this average annual salary for a school teacher in India would be around 5–6 lacs, in the US approx. 40 lacs, in Canada approx. 50 lacs.


Teachers & Schools roles have been historically unappreciated and also very underrated. Just having an app or putting content online or in the kid’s hands is not going to get them a good education, forget guaranteeing one.

Some of our earliest social skills, competitive skills or even resilience are built in the bylanes and corridors of our schools and not in the screens of our tablets. Some of our closest friendships and deepest relations are forged in the times of our school years and not in the windows of our screens. Some of our greatest influencers and mentors were the ones who taught us and not for sure the now called “influencers “. Schools are we learn to dream; apps are where we browse.

There is no question, schools need to change and bring a fresh approach to not only teaching, but also what they are teaching, as the times have changed and the generation of learners has also changed, but if there was any doubt on a more resilient class and character of people, we have to not look any further then our teachers during Covid. To move seamlessly to online education, to cajole the children to learn, to bear their indifference in replying and finally to guide them to the echelons of excellence is no mean feat and deserves massive praise.

As old Cat would say it

Remember the days of the old schoolyard

We used to laugh a lot, oh don’t you

Remember the days of the old schoolyard

When we had imaginings and we had

All kinds of things and we laughed

And needed love… yes I do

Oh and I remember you

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