The roads less traveled.

3 min readJan 6, 2022

The roads less traveled, are often both.

July, August are months of huge anxiety. These are the months when so many young children embark on their journeys to a higher education, a better education and often a better life. The time from the decision, to the selection, to the confirmation are full of decisions and discussions. When the visa does come and dates come near, it finally hits you and then the days which normally never end, they zoom past (literally).

This is a journey one must experience, its one like none other. I should know, have taken it myself, in much different times, when we did not have even emails to communicate, whatsapps were a distant dream. Calls were made from PCO or homes with ISD facilities. When we did not have google to research and consultants to ask. J. I can almost feel some of you rolling your eyes, oh not another sermon. Well actually this is one, but a different kind.

So here goes,

Your journey begins soon, a road like none other

One would know, have travelled some roads yonder

Few years or a lifetime, time will tell

Memories of these times, will never quell

There will be times, when you are alone and confused

Choices to make and decisions to choose

Sometimes the right choice, sometimes not so smooth

In the end it will work out, it will always do

There will be times, when you will be swayed

Your friends and morals could go astray

Take a deep breath, take a moment to pray

The time will pass and those moments away waved

There will be times decisions to make, no clear path to follow

Mind will be numbed and it will feel like end of the world

Don’t worry, there will always be a choice to make

No roads will end, instead like a river just go with the flow

Of course you will work hard, but remember to absorb more

Experience, embrace and give yourself more

These days, friends and memories will always stand

Some day the value of these days you will understand

Not many have two roads to take, often a single reference

Either you stay or come back, there was a one way street

You will always have two roads, two paths

Both well travelled, both will make a difference

This is the beginning don’t worry about the end

Enjoy the journey, the occasional bend

Shine your brightest, you have all of ours

But, There will always be here home, irrespective of the years

An finally an ode to Frost

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, both well travelled

and I followed my heart, it took me down several paths

Several twists and turns, in the end it all worked out

And that has made all the difference.